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  Inspired by the classic Fender model our KMT electric guitar building kit, follows the original basic design but with up to date manufacturing methods. With all of the options available, our KMT diy build electric guitar kit forms a quality base for creating a timeless  masterpiece from the past or  something completely individual. With the combination of our selected woods and two single coil pick ups, the KMT kit produces the  unmistakeable  harmonically rich sound associated with this guitar.

Complete KMT self build kit from (was 159) Now only 119.00 inc VAT.



    Bodies:  Traditional 2 x single coil pickup configuration. Body width 42mm. Black side binding on top edge.

  Neck pocket  57mm-54mm X 76mm X 16mm. all sizes approx. Designed to accept only our necks.

T Ash /Ash Burl Top          

    "kmt basswood guitar body"
KMT Basswood

Basswood body 40.00

Basswood. A very soft , light coloured, tight grained, easy to work with timber. Very little or nothing in the way of grain pattern. Produces  punchy mid tones with good sustain and an "up-front" sound. Requires sealing and is better suited to solid colour and lacquer.


 Not to sure of getting the bridge in the correct place, let me know and i will drill the mounting holes for you. 

    KMT Bodies:  

    Necks:  Bolt on, single truss rod. 22 fret, width @ nut 42mm,@12th fret 52mm,@22nd fret 57mm.

    Fret wire 2.7mm.  Heel size 57mm-54mmx100mmx20mm. Tuner holes 10mm. Black dot markers on Maple.

    White dot markers on rosewood.  25.5" scale length All sizes approximate.  

       Maple/Rosewood 40.00

    "kmt maple/rosewood guitar neck"
KMT Maple/Rosewood

    KMT Neck:  

  Standard kit 30.00           

"kmt guitar standard hardware kit"
KMT standard hardware kit
KMT up-grade hardware kit

Hardware Kits:   What's in a kit? go Here.

Standard kit
6 x kmo1 tuning heads, kmo2 bridge 3 x saddle compensating, kmo3 neck pickup 6.4k(nom)  x1, kmo3 bridge pickup 7.9k (nom) x 1, neck plate, control plate, 3 way lever switch, switch knob, 1x250k tone pot, 1x250k volume pot, 2x pot knobs, jack socket and plug, all wiring, 2x strap pins. string trees. all screws. Available in Chrome and Gold ,


KMT Standard Kit:  

Pick-guards:     Solid, Perloid and Marbled, Single and Three ply, 8 Hole

        3ply 9.00                           3ply 9.00                       1 ply 9.00                      1 ply 9.00

    "kmt 3ply black pickguard"
KMT Black 3ply
  "kmt 3ply white pickguard" 
KMT White 3ply
"kmt 1ply black pickguard"
KMT Black 1ply
  "kmt 1ply white pickguard"
KMT White 1ply

        Perloid 9.00                     Perloid 9.00                  Marbled 9.00

     "kmt 3ply black perloid pickguard"
KMT Black Perloid 3ply
  "kmt 3ply white perloid pickguard"
KMT White Perloid 3ply
  "kmt 3ply red marbled pickguard"
KMT Red Marbled 3ply

If i dont carry in stock the pickguard you are looking for, just let me know. I can supply any finish, usually at no extra cost   

    KMT Solid:         

    KMT Perloid & Marbled:    



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