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 We offer superior electric guitar building kits that combine the quality woods used in our bodies and necks   with  the choice of standard hardware kits, or upgrade to the excellent guitar hardware designed by Trevor   Wilkinson. Our DIY electric guitar kits represent all the best products available in one great  value for money package. It is so easy now, using our kits to build an electric guitar, that is your own totally unique, signature guitar. All our guitar building kits  are produced to the highest standards, using the latest machining techniques and are finished by hand, the wood is selected, not only to look good, but to give the best possible tonal response. Our guitar building kits are unique to us, they are not available from any other UK company.

To all customers waiting for new stock to arrive, I received an email from the shipping agent  today. The cargo ship has had to dock in Alexandria, to repair a problem with the ships steering, they say, they will let me know when the ship leaves port.

All current stock of guitar kits must go.

All basswood bodied kits are now from only 119.00 with standard hardware kit.

All Ash bodied kits are now from  only 129.00 with standard hardware kit.

Pick a model and create your own guitar. 

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   KMT   kmt ash guitar body     KMS  "kms ash guitar body"       KMSG   "kmsg basswood guitar body"


   KMLP  "kmlp basswood guitar body"  KMFV  "kmfv basswood guitar body"       KMFB   "kmfb basswood guitar body"

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