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  With it's devil horns the KMSG self build electric guitar kit, looks ever inch the original heavy rock guitar. The twin humbuckers generate a thick  wall  of sound that cuts through at any level. Our KMSG electric guitar building kit offers great value for money to produce a quality guitar.

Complete KMSG self build kit from (was 159) Now only 119.00 inc VAT.       

        By mistake my manufacturer has supplied set-in necks not my usual bolt-on. Build instructions will be available.

           SORRY     O UT OF STOCK


        Body:  Traditional routing for 2 x humbucker pick ups. Body width 37mm,  Neck pocket 57mm-58mm

                    x 90mm x 30mm all sizes are approx, designed to only accept our necks          

        "kmsg basswood guitar body"
KMSG Basswood

Basswood  body 40.00

Basswood. A very soft , light coloured, tight grained, easy to work with timber. Very little or nothing in the way of grain pattern. Produces  punchy mid tones with good sustain and an "up-front" sound. Requires sealing and is better suited to solid colour and lacquer.


Not sure of getting the bridge in the correct position, let me know and I will drill the mounting holes for you.


    KMSG Body:    

Neck: set -in, single truss rod. 22 fret, width @ nut 42mm,@12th fret 52mm,@22nd fret 57mm.

           Fret wire 2.7mm.  Heel size 57mm-58mm x 100mm x 36 mm. Tuner holes 10mm. Stepped heel for

            set-neck fitting. 24.75" scale length. all sizes approx.

          Maple / Rosewood neck 40.00

        "kmsg maple/rosewood guitar neck"
KMSG Maple / Rosewood

    KMSG Neck:    

      Standard kit 30.00     

"kmsg standard hardware kit"
KMSG Hardware Kit Standard

KMSG Hardware Kit upgrade

Hardware Kits:     What's in a kit? go  Here.      

Standard Kit
6x Grover Tuning Heads,1x km14 Tune-o-Matic bridge and tail stop, 1x km16 Humbucking neck pickup 7.3k (nom) , 1x km16 humbucking Bridge pickup 7.9k(nom), 2x pickup rings,3 way toggle switch, switch knob, toggle switch surround, 2 x 500k tone pots, 2x 5ook Volume pots, 2 x tone knobs, 2x volume knobs, Jack socket and plug, all wiring, 2x strap pins, truss rod and rear cavity cover, all screws. Available in  Gold

NB:  neck plate not included with set-neck KMSG kit

 KMSG Standard Kit:     

Pick-guard: Solid colour.

                          3 ply 9.00

       kmsg pickguards
KMSG Pickguards

    KMSG Pick-Guard:     



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